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Spotify x VLUX

Pop off the page with animated visuals.

Static artwork is cool for vinyl, but Spotify,

Apple Music and Instagram allow for so much 

more. Level up your impact and create a fresh 

new look by adding custom visuals.

How it works

Step One

Step Two

Meet our design director

to plan your release.

Choose a visual style

that matches your sound.

Step Three

We design and refine until 

your new visuals are complete.


Use Vlux Everywhere.

The artwork we create belongs to you forever, and is
optimized for Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more.
Have a special request? Let us know.


A dynamic piece of art to represent the new release "We Win The Day"

A moving album cover with one bringing light and positivity to many.

This is great work, thanks for being brilliant! 



Project Showcase

Featured Artists

J Bird
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Cyber Month is Here
Get 50% OFF The Entire Store
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