We are the FUTURE creators of ANIMATED artworks

An art gallery,

Like the Spotify for High End artwork on your smart TV, Desktop, and any other screen.

Not just a gallery, a high-end Art Market. Designed to make visual artist good money, doing what they already love to do.






If you join us, it's because you're a talented artist with the skill and portfolio to make our gallery/team stronger.

Wouldn't it be great if our gallery was able to commission your work, and connect you to clients? YES That's what we're doingg!

In order to join our awesome team and create your own gallery you'll need an add code. Contact Adam to get started.

From there, only up!

We're in this together, you and the customer are our top priority. 

Let's make the future of digital "fine art" our playground!

-Adam Verhasselt

 Founder, Creative Director

Feel free to reach out and ask me questions. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Email: ajvcreative@gmail.com

Instagram: @adamvlux