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We created this company to

Bring art and music together.

Your Team of Visual creatives.

Ready to push the boundaries of moving art for you.

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The Story

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I started by drawing what I saw on paper. Lots of crazy sh*t poured out of my mind through ink. Especially in Italy, where I lived as an exchange student. I didn't speak Italian, so 7 hours of class got REAL boring unless I was drawing. At night I'd close my eyes and visualize the craziest worlds in my head, driven by the distorted creations of TinCup and TroyBoi.

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I started printing my art on clothing, and selling it at my Italian high school. I spent more money than I actually had on clothing (using a credit card my mom had loaned me for the trip) And had to pay it all back a year later. 


In college I took my first business class. There I learned to pitch, pivot, and work with a team. "You have to have a gold nugget, something that nobody else has.", my teacher said. 

My team and I ended up starting VOIID Clothing. "Fill the void with art!", we'd say.


We helped emerging artists get their art out in the world by printing their work on a limited run (100 pieces) of high-quality streetwear. We'd only ever sell 99- one was kept in our Hall of Fame. Each piece had a unique number on it, identifying its place in the limited release.

I still love this concept, and you'll see it reflected in Vlux Artwear today. 

Turns out, a lot of other folks out there had already thought to name their project "Void", so we were late to the party. After school, the team fell apart and the vision collapsed. 

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That same summer I went to New York City. While exploring the tumultuous concrete jungle, I discovered my passion for digital media, branding, and urban design. The name Vlux Visual smacked me like an iron falling out of the sky, and I bought this domain,, from my phone on the corner of 6th Ave and E 42nd Street. I was so excited my heart was going nuts - I could feel energy coursing though my body with like the underground bass of a nightclub. 

When I got back to California, I dove head first into design and marketing. I loved creating boujiee products and finding new and crazy ways of introducing them to the world. 

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One of the original team members from Voiid introduced me to an electric skateboard company in Santa Barbara, who was, amazingly, open to collaborating with Vlux. We created the world's first Vluxboard. A compact electric skateboard with a kicktail.  The board was strapped with two high-torque electric motors and a fat pack of lithium-ion. It topped out at 22 MPH and could go 14 miles on a single charge! Not to mention it looked like a Cadillac. I was SO stoked on that thing. I still own a few today.

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The next summer I went back to NYC and tried to sell them. But they were expensive, I didn't have money to run a huge marketing campaign, and to be real, I still had a lot to learn about sales and business. Very few Vluxboards actually sold. Later that year, the company Riptide went out of business. Vluxboards went extinct. 

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Back in California, I continued to create digital art and videos. My friend Ben used Spotify, and he showed me the first canvas I'd ever seen. "Jackpot!", I thought to myself, and gave Ben a high five. If these guys are doing it, Apple Music and Amazon will surely catch up soon enough. I got to work.

I already had some experience working with animation software, specifically Cinema 4D and After Effects, but I began to dive deeper in it than I ever had before. This is how Vlux Visual was born.

Now, over a year later, we supply the world with moving works of art, created by an outstanding team of artists. Our mission is to create the most exquisite visual experiences the world has ever seen, and share them. 

I haven't given up on helping artists through limited edition clothing, either. Artwear will return to bring limited edition wearable art to the world once again.

And maybe, if we're lucky, the Vluxboard will come back too. But what I'm most excited for, is connecting the dots to help emerging artists, and make better and better visual experiences for the world to explore and enjoy.

Thanks for reading.

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By visiting this website you are helping to make all of this worth it, and I am grateful for you. Without you this is all nothing. Just days of my life put towards something that nobody would see, or use. YOU are the defining factor here, and I won't forget it. Thank you for visiting this internet establishment, and helping my dreams come true.

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