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Animated Album Covers

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1080 X 1080 HD

1080 X 1920 HD

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1920 X 1080 HD


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You provide the artwork

Simple animation of 3+ elements

One revision included

Perfect loop guaranteed 

24hr turnaround


You provide the artwork


We separate your art into layers

Detailed animation

One revision included

Perfect loop guaranteed

24hr turnaround


You submit image(s) or concept sketch


We consult with you and  design your artwork from the ground up

Complex animation 

Two revisions included

Perfect loop guaranteed


  • It's 80% more engaging than normal artwork.

  • More platforms support it every day.

           Spotify & Insta today, Apple & Amazon tomorrow.

  • You'll stand apart as one of the first to have it.

  • Give your listeners a beautiful experience.


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Animated Album Artwork

Animated Album Covers

Custom Album Artwork

Custom Album Cover

Make Album Artwork Move

Make your album artwork move like trap nation.

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