This is for the pros. The Vlux Deluxe is an all-inclusive package that builds a cohesive set of both still and animated art unique to you. You will walk away with not only a gorgeous album cover, but also a sleek looping animated version as well as a dynamic one that reacts to the audio levels in your music.  If you want to amaze, impress, and draw in new fans, this is the package for you. So will you choose to shine today?


With this purchase you will own the rights to your custom art, and can use it in any way you wish. We do reserve the right to post it on our online portfolio, but will not sell it or profit from it in any way

The Vlux Deluxe | All-Inclusive

  • Pay the deposit above and then FILL OUT THIS FORM so we can get your contact info and understand your vision! Then we'll put together a first draft.

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