• It's like surfing, your feet almost never touch the ground.
  • Carve up or down big hills, using powerful motors & regenerative breaks.
  • Commute in style, carry the lightweight charger to work.
  • 10% of all proceeds are invested in Renewable Energy and Electric Transportation.



  • 7-Mi Range
  • 18-Mph Top Speed
  • Balanced Handles (Also good for locking board)
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Kick Tale
  • Rechargeable Battery


What's in the Box:

  • Vluxboard V1S
  • Riptide Remote
  • Riptide Charger
  • Replacement Parts
  • User Manual


The board is 100% Self-serviceable with Riptide's integrated support channel.

Vlux Board V1S

  • The Vluxboard V1S is an advanced electric skateboard with major power (18 mph top speed) packed into a compact, convenient, airline-friendly package, with seven miles of range.


    With its unique blend of power and portability, the Riptide R1 is one of the lightest electric skateboards you'll find with this elite performance.


    Riders over our 275 lb max weight recommendation wont damage or break the board, but they may experience reduced hill climbing.